Cynthia G. Mason

New Single "What Forgiveness Will Allow"

Grey Reverend + Cynthia G. Mason.jpg2001   cynthia11.jpg2015
    Singer/Songwriters Cynthia G. Mason & Grey Reverend to Release New Holiday Single “What Forgiveness Will Allow”

Ever feel extreme ambivalence - or even complete dread - as the holiday season approaches?  Philadelphia singer/songwriter Cynthia G. Mason examines these feelings in her new single “What Forgiveness Will Allow,” a collaboration with Brooklyn-based songwriter Larry D. Brown (aka Grey Reverend.) After a lifetime of Christmas-induced angst, Cynthia began listening faithfully to Jon Solomon’s “Annual 24-Hour Holiday Radio Show” on 103.3 WPRB while she developed a cookie recipe that involved violently crushing candy canes.  The years passed; the recipe improved.  And while some ambivalence lingers today, the complete dread has somewhat abated - tempered by the ingestion of disgusting amounts of peppermint cookies, the realization that everyone has holiday issues, and the satisfaction of listening to punk rock songs about Santa while dodging drunk drivers on the New Jersey Turnpike.

Cynthia first shared a home-recorded demo of “What Forgiveness Will Allow” this past summer with Larry who previously collaborated with her on the album
Quitters Claim and who most recently shared the stage with her at World Cafe Live for the spring release of her EP Cinematic Turn.  What began as an informal chat about collaborating on something new turned into a flurry of track exchanges as Larry added piano, strings, flute, bass, and drums to Cynthia’s fingerstyle guitar and hushed, talky vocals.  The result of their collaboration is an intimate and honest story of ambivalence, contemplation, and finally resignation with Larry’s lush production supporting Cynthia’s frank assessment of attitudes and party options in the midst of holiday despair.

“What Forgiveness Allow” is available now on bandcamp and everywhere on November 20, 2015

[Photo credits above: Lexie Giarraputo (2001); Chris Sikich (2015)]